Digital and Multimodal texts in the classroom

The syllabus is explicit in the need for students to not only “read” and respond to digital and multimodal texts but also to be given opportunities to create their own. What are digital and multimodal texts? Where can they find them to use with their students? What tools are available for student to use to create their own texts (websites, picture books, films, animations etc) and how have other teachers been leading the way in this area?


LEAP 21 @ PLANE Festival of Learning – 19 October, 2012

I am very excited to be presenting at the Pathfinders and Pioneers Strand. Below is the slide deck for my presentation. This presentation focuses on the LEAP21 Program and a strategy for developing 21st Century learning and teaching opportunities in schools. You can find out more about PLANE and the Festival of PLANE at and or follow via social media with #fol12


itec+ Conference – Tamworth, 16 July 2012

This presentation was designed to discuss the use of tools as a focus of developing 21st century skill dimensions as outlined in the ITL Research and it’s LEAP21 Program led by Microsoft and to introduce some new tools that have opened for use.
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